Berry Banana Smoothie


The best thing about smoothies is that you can pretty much throw anything together and it’ll taste great! As long as you have basics – a balance of carbs, protein and some fat, you’re good to go. I got this recipe from my sister Sam after a recent 10km run and it was a great post workout meal.

You will need:
Frozen bananas
Frozen berries of your choice (Woolies for the win 🙂 )
Coconut water
USN Lean 8 Whey protein

Add all the ingredients into a good quality blender and blitz until smooth. I added some water to get the mixture going as all the fruit was frozen.

Remember, you do not need to add milk or ice cream to a smoothie for it to be tasty and creamy. Coconut water is a great addition, just make sure it is a good quality with no added sugar. The addition of your favourite flavored whey gives you all the protein you need. Enjoy!