My people

I often find myself sitting back being thankful for this amazing bunch of humans I get to call My People.

My older brother Sergio and I grew up with an exceptionally close bond that has transcended into adulthood, and now we are blessed enough to watch our children – four amazing little boys; grow up together and become the best of friends as cousins.

My sister-in-law Samantha was by far, the most welcome addition to our family. This woman deserves an entire post dedicated solely to her! From a sister, a close friend, a training partner, a mom… she inspires me daily and I would not have made it through my recent challenges without her. My recent transition into the fitness industry would not have started had it not been for her dragging me off the couch one morning, feeling sorry for myself, and taking me for a run around the block. I hope she won’t mind that she will feature quite prominently in this blog, both as a fellow fitmom, fitness lover, foodie and most recently…  a triathlete. I am proud to share this platform with her.

Raising our four boys well, with solid family values and healthy lifestyles is so important to us. Encouraging healthy food choices and active children is an extension of the healthy lifestyle we choose for ourselves every day.

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